The PHP framework to write less and do more

Fast mobile and desktop web-app

With MToolkit you write less to create more and better.
It isn't only a framewrok, it is a way to produce clean e structured code using PSR-0 Standard.
Split the code: you can create files with the controller classes and file with the HTML view code.

MToolkit is fast to learning and fast to run.

Composer and modularity

Starting to use MToolkit is easy with Composer:

  • install Composer
  • create the folder of you project
  • move into the folder
  • run: composer require mpstyle/mtoolkit
That's all!

We are coding a lot of modules based on MToolkit, to expand and improve the functionalities.

MToolkit feature: modularity.

Free and collaboration

MToolkit is distribuited under LGPL v3 license: you can use it for free and commercial project!
Feel free to improve the project submitting your contributions with a pull request.

MToolkit is open-source!